Old Hall

The Old Hall is a fine Tudor style manor house dating from the mid-seventeenth century. Haworth is very culturally important as the home of the Bronte Sisters and this building is of particular significance as the seat of the Emmett family, one of the major landowners and developers of Haworth.

My goal with this project was to evoke some of the many periods this historical building has witnessed, retaining the wonderful period character and providing a rich cohesive atmospheric scheme.

Each area has a bold individuality and identity that expresses its former usage. This empathy and understanding of the building makes the customer instantly at ease with the environment.

The journey through the buildings history begins in the bar area, which would have been the servants quarters and kitchens; the very heart of the house where the staff would go about their daily routine. Through the bar we go into the reception room, the main dining area, visually describing the residents and their pastimes. Then a choice of area, with the very regal and manly main hall, or into the more feminine drawing room.

I hope you agree with my clients in that it is a very successful outcome indeed.